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Harvest 2001

With world events such as they are, the deserved enthusiasm for the 2001 vintage has been somewhat overshadowed by daily news reports and our concerns for those directly affected by the tragedy. However, there is a lot to be enthusiastic about in our newly made (and still fermenting) wines.

Weather events that included rare April frosts and even some snow on the hillsides caused much nervousness early in the season. We skipped right over spring and went directly to summer temperatures in May and June. An earlier-than-normal harvest appeared likely. Fortuitously, July and August were remarkably cool, slowing grape development and allowing for longer hang time—every winemaker’s dream. One brief summer storm in September proved to be more dramatic than wet, with Zeus-inspired lightning and thunder—it was truly awesome!

As for the wines, the 2001 vintage gives us plenty to look forward to. We are amazed by their intensity of color, great depth and silky tannins. Many thanks are due to our remarkable cellar crew consisting of Jose Luis Lopez, Pepe, Trino, and to harvest intern Karine Huibant, who came from the University of Bordeaux to help us with this vintage.

—Rosemary Cakebread, Winemaker