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Agriculture, Art, Science

From a young age, farming has been part of my life. Growing up we had a large vegetable garden, a small orchard, horses, chickens, pigs, a dog and cat. When we awoke it was our job to take care of the animals, and if we didn’t have school we had to pull weeds before getting time off to play. More

Cultivating a Green Legacy

We are extremely excited that so much attention is now being given to climate change and our impact on our natural environment. Spottswoode’s dedication to being green began many years ago, and we are elated that many more people and businesses are adopting environmentally sensitive practices! More

Paradise Lost?

An immense amount of growth and change has taken place in the wine industry recently, due in large part to the great success the wine business has been fortunate to enjoy. This success, and the resultant substantial increase in vineyard plantings, has drawn attention to our industry as never before. More

Spring Creek Restoration

The effort to restore Spring Creek, a plan initiated by Spottswoode, has proven highly successful and is an inspiring example of how communities can work together to restore and sustain ecological balance. Spring Creek courses down from the mountains above St. Helena and flows through this wine country community before intersecting with Sulfur Creek and continuing on to the Napa River and San Francisco Bay. More

Working With Mother Nature

Remember Steve Martin as the television weatherman in L.A. Story who reached a breaking point because of the numbing sameness of his weather reports? He tossed magnetic pictures of the sun onto his weather map while saying, “It will be sunny today, sunny tomorrow, sunny the next day…” More

Connecting Through Wine

In our more than thirty years of existence as a winery, we have enjoyed many gratifying moments and milestones. Having had the good fortune to drop into the Napa Valley over forty years ago and discover an historic estate that needed someone to care for it and tend to its renewal and restoration has certainly been rewarding, as has the building of a successful family business and well-respected winery. More

“Spottswoode continues to turn out remarkably refined, perfumed wines into its fourth decade.”

Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar