Founded by Mary Novak, Spottswoode Estate’s winemaking legacy is built on the passion and shared vision of the entire team. While the estate has been part of the Novak family for decades, everyone who works within Spottswoode plays an essential role in its success.

Beth Weber Novak

Beth Weber Novak

President & CEO

In 1987, Beth Weber Novak joined her mother, Mary Novak, becoming the first second-generation family member to become actively involved in guiding Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery. In the almost four decades since, Beth has played a key role in establishing Spottswoode as one of the world’s most highly regarded winegrowing sites, and as one of Napa Valley’s most iconic and respected wineries.

Lindy Novak

Lindy Novak

Board Member & Marketing Ambassador

In 1992, Lindy Novak joined her sister, Beth, as part of the second generation dedicated to guiding Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery. For more than 25 years, Lindy has brought her own unique touch to her role at Spottswoode. As National Marketing Director for many of these years, she built loyal and lasting relationships with Spottswoode’s distributor, restaurant, and retail partners.

The women of Spottswoode produce an unfailingly elegant Cabernet Sauvignon—the Grace Kelly of Napa Valley wines, conveying an almost aristocratic impression of refinement and class.

Paul Lucacs
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Aron Weinkauf

Aron Weinkauf

Winemaker & Vineyard Manager

As both vineyard manager and winemaker, Aron Weinkauf carries on a rich tradition at Spottswoode of embracing an interconnected view of winemaking that has deep roots in environmentalism and the belief that wine is made in the vineyard. In his dual role, Aron leads and works alongside the winery’s in-house vineyard team to achieve the full potential of the Spottswoode Estate Vineyard’s 24 individual blocks.

Molly Sheppard

Assistant Winemaker & Environmental Manager

Born and raised in Victoria, Australia, Molly Sheppard has been surrounded by wine for most of her life. She attended Curtin University in Western Australia, completing a degree in Agribusiness, Viticulture, and Enology. After working in wineries in Victoria, Margaret River, and the Yarra Valley, Molly made her first trip to Napa Valley as an intern for the 2017 vintage and fell in love with the beauty and dynamic nature of Napa Valley and its wines.

Spottswoode Team

Wine cannot be made alone. The daily collaboration between the Novak family and our winemakers, cellar crew, field team, hospitality, sales, marketing, and office management keep Spottswoode humming and focused on carrying forward its winemaking legacy. Nala, our tail-wagging Chief Greeter, agrees.


Chief Greeter

Beth brought Nala home as a puppy 11 years ago. A long line of black Labradors have lived at Spottswoode and Nala continues the tradition of greeting visitors to the winery. She is patient and kind – and loves a good dog biscuit!